Find the Right Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

You need to exchange your currency – whether it is dollars, pounds, or dinar – into Ether using an exchange platform. There are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms, but you need to choose wisely.

There are three different types of exchange platforms for cryptocurrency:

  • Traditional Crypto Exchanges:

    This type of cryptocurrency exchange platform is for those who are good with speculative investments such as dealing in the stock market.

    They work just like stock exchange, except that they don’t deal in real everyday currency. Traditional exchanges, like the Kraken, charge a small fee for this service
  • Crypto Brokers:

    Just as real estate brokers sell homes, crypto brokers sell cryptocurrency. Buying your gaming currency from crypto brokers will be slightly more expensive than traditional exchanges. 

    But the primary reason people buy from brokers is because they don’t have to figure out how to trade cryptocurrency, which is a complex process. Coinbase is one such platform where brokers set the price of a cryptocurrency and you buy from these brokers.

  • Direct Trading Platforms:

    On direct trading platforms, you buy your game money from other users directly. When the price they demand matches with your asking price, you get a deal. These are peer-to-peer platforms that connect the seller and the buyer directly.

Since Ether is the most common crypto gaming currency, let us look at the best places you can buy Ether from:

Six Best Exchange Services You Can Buy Ether From

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