The Best Crypto Games You Can Start Playing Today

CryptoKitty is one of the most popular games in the crypto gaming world today.

People buy cryptocats, raise them and sell them when they are grown up. If this sounds silly, think again. Because the top cryptocats are worth millions of dollars.

In fact, the most expensive cats in the CryptoKitty game cost 100,000 ETH (ether) which is about 50 million USD (when the cryptocurrency rates are going through a low).

As the name suggests, you have to hunt for coins in this game. But you aren’t all by yourself. You are like a commander who can send his troops to collect coins. 

You can send hunters to collect coins for you. But to make the coins your own, you need to carry them to the respawn point. 

While you do this, other players will come your way and try to stop you. But you need to kill them. Like the idea? You need to get Huntercoin tokens to play this game. It is the only game that has its own cryptocurrency on blockchain network.

2. Spell of Genesis

The game is set in the Moonga universe in which the ruling class is the tyrannical Sayosian Empire. The goal is to destroy this empire and in order to do that, players have to construct mines, improve them and gather special cards. 

The higher a card is, the more expensive it is. In the last year of 2107, the cards were sold for a total of 250,000 dollars. You can also play a free version of Spell of Genesis on Android and iOS platforms. The organization issues Bitcrystals tokens that are a product of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

3. Beyond the Void

Beyond the void is a space strategy game with some elements of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). It portrays the future scenario of the world. 

There is a special part of the game known as “Cube” using which you can make intergalactic travels. But material is very costly and there has been a heated disagreement in the gaming community because of the same. 

The game uses ERC20 Nexium tokens, with which you buy different things for the game and exchange them.

4. Augmentors

With Augmentors, it was the first time in an augmented reality game that Blockchain technology was used. Augmentors is a bit like Pokemon Go as you build your own creatures called augmentors. 

You can have them compete with each other, sell them to others, buy them or exchange them. Augmentors can be anyone of the 50 characters which come in many designs and histories. T he game runs on DataBits token with which you can buy potions, weapons, heroes and so on.

5. Bitcomon Go

This game originally came on Google Play as an app. It is another augmented reality game on the blockchain network. You can do different tasks for tokens or participate in competitions.

6. Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is a game on the FairWin blockchain platform. Your goal is to grow the magic tree known as Yggdrasil and collect mana symbols. 

There are many levels to this game and at each level, the tree changes shape and new symbols can be collected. To play this game you need to buy the FWIn tokens. A great part of playing this game is its aesthetic graphics and top-notch animation.

7. Crypto Kitties

Crypto Kitties is one of the most popular games in the crypto world. It was a big hit in the year 2017. 

You buy a cat, mate it with other cats and produce crypto kittens. You can raise these crypto kittens and sell them when you want. The crypto cats have their own stock exchange which operates according to standard market laws. 

CryptoKitties was the top game on Ether in 2017. It is hard to believe but people have shelled out more than 12 million dollars on virtual kitties. The strange fact is that, there came a time when investing in cryptokitties became more profitable than in real stocks.

8. BitQuest

In the BitQuest game, the element is Emerald which you earn by killing monsters or by giving your valuable items. The price for one Emerald is one Satoshi.

BitQuest is not exactly a game in the Blockchain because it is an application representing a public server in Minecraft. To get the Satoshis in your wallet, you need to go to a bank and run the emeralds on chest ATMs.

9. Cryptocoin Drop

To play cryptocoin drop, you can use Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dodgecoin. As the name suggests, to play this game, you have to drop coins in your bucket and keep earning as much as possible.

10. Spark Profit

Spark Profit is a trading game which you can download on Android and iOS. You have to bet if the currency is going low. 

If you guess right, you can earn points and real money in the form of american dollars, bitcoin and other ways as well. You have to love trading but it also requires luck. The app doesn’t show any ads and earning money is completely risk free.

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