Keepkey is another one of the good hardware wallets available in the market. The wallet also has stylish looks, more so than many other wallets. It arrives at your home in a premium packaging which sends a clear message that it is made to exceed your expectations.

The USB cable comes wrapped with cloth and there is a leather pouch to keep the recovery seed. The company has paid a lot of attention to little details.

The Keepkey wallet is highly secure and protects your crypto funds against any virtual or physical threats. It supports some of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there, so no matter whether you want to store Ethereum, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, KeepKey will fulfill your need. 

The company employs advanced technology to protect user info and their crypto funds. It is an HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet. In simple words, it is a small computer whose primary goal is to protect and store your private keys.

Keepkey works with PC, Mac, Linux and Android. And since you may want to integrate it with a software wallet, it’s good to know that it works with multiple wallets including Electrum, Multibit and Mycelium. 

You can store and transfer several kinds of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Namecoin.

As far as the price is concerned, Keep Key was very pricey (a couple hundred dollars) when it was launched, but now its price has been cut down significantly to match the price range of its competition.

To keep your funds secure, KeepKey uses four security features:

Private key: The private keys are gatekeepers of your crypto funds and stay on your hardware wallet device.

PIN: Your account balance and transaction details are locked with a PIN code that only you know.

Recovery sentence: Like there are 24-word long recovery seeds on the other hardware wallets we reviewed earlier, there is a 12-word recovery sentence that safeguards your funds on the KeepKey hardware wallet. This recovery sentence can help you recover your private keys and crypto funds in case your wallet is lost or stolen.

Passphrase: In addition to the recovery sentence, you can choose a passphrase, which is another word apart from 12 words in the recovery sentence. As other hardware wallet providers recommend, you shouldn’t use the passphrase if you don’t fully understand how it works.

As compared to the Ledger Nano S, the KeepKey wallet feels very premium with a very good build quality and a larger and better quality screen. Also note that you can update the firmware on KeepKey at the touch of a button, but the same is a complicated procedure on Ledger Nano S.

But design and quality aren’t everything. The Nano S is more portable as it is smaller in size. The Nano S is the size of a USB drive which makes it very portable and the metal casing makes it more durable. 

If you are always travelling from one place to the other, the Nano S would be a better option because of its smaller size. Otherwise, if you don’t travel and want a cool looking gadget, the KeepKey would be a better option.

Getting started with KeepKey is easy. You just have to download two apps in Google Chrome. One app generates a wallet and the other connects Chrome to KeepKey. After this installation is done, you need to make an account and choose the cryptocurrency you want to store or transfer. 

You can load cryptocurrency in your account and also exchange one type of currency to the other, for example, from Bitcoin in one account to Ethereum in the other.


  • The wallet ensures high level of security and since it is offline, hackers can’t attack your account information or steal your funds.
  • Security is as strong as the most trusted hardware wallet Trezor
  • There is a clear OLED display which makes it easier to check transaction details and approve them
  • You can use and transfer the most popular cryptocurrencies
  • Although launched at a very expensive price, the new price makes it great value for money
  • Good build quality and a great overall design


  • It is bigger in size as compared to Trezor or Ledger Nano S. This makes it less portable and not an easy fit for your pocket
  • Installation is easy but you can’t save your progress and leave it in the middle
  • Requires you to add a software wallet like Electrum to use its apps

Should You Buy the KeepKey Wallet?

If the larger size isn’t an issue and you don’t want portability, KeepKey wallet can be a good fit for you. It has all the security features one wants in a hardware wallet including security pin and recovery sentence.

The design and build quality is more premium than some of the most trusted hardware wallets in the market. There is an OLED display that shows transaction details and allows you to approve transactions easily. 

Keeping all these features in mind, the KeepKey wallet is a great value for money option if you’re looking for a high-value hardware wallet.

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